Rights & Responsibilities

Patients' Rights

  • To be registered with this practice if they reside within the boundaries of the practice area
  • To be offered a Health Check when joining a doctor's list
  • To have appropriate drugs and medications prescribed
  • To be offered a consultant referral if and when the GP feels it is necessary
  • To have access to personal health records, subject to the limits of the law
  • To expect confidentiality from all NHS staff
  • To be offered a choice of whether to be involved in Medical Student training
  • To be offered a health check when over 75 years old.

Responsibilities of our Patients

  • To attend promptly for an appointment made with one of our Health Care Professionals
  • To cancel an appointment in good time if you decide that it is no longer necessary.
  • To recognise that a Routine Appointment is for one person only. Please make separate appointments for each person to be seen.
  • To understand that a Routine Appointment is for 10 Minutes only. Please ask for a longer appointment if the problem is complex.